About Us

GECI Group is a global think-tank, technology and engineering solutions provider focused mainly on the transportation, energy and infrastructure in civil and military services. Our company is Spanish based since 1983 where we have evolved over the years into a significant expansion widening our field of service and presence in the entire world. Over our 30 years’ of experience we have been working as a key contractor for several long term strategic partners, GECI’s engineering expertise scopes projects in civil works, telecommunications, transport, electric and electronics sectors.

We believe to lead the world market developing solutions through our key divisions:



Aircraft Maintenance


Aviation Chemicals




Electronics and Communications

Defence and Security

Outsourcing for Manufacturing Industry

Our client orientated responsibilities have localised our offices in:


El Puerto De Santa Maria / Seville / Valencia / Madrid (Pozuelo) / Madrid (Barajas) / Barcelona (Igualada) / Lisbon / Toulouse / Bogotá / Quito / Caracas / Santo Domingo / La Habana / Kinshasa / Maputo / Dar-Es-Salaam / Addis Abeba / Islamabad / Delhi / Dubái / Tokio / Melbourne / Malmo / Santa Cruz