One of the backbones of many country’s economy is the manufacturing industry. It has gone through many advancements through the years and has survived economic booms and downturns. Today’s technological advances and third-party logistics outsourcing are transforming the industry further. The increased international reach and improved communications provide the manufacturing industry with a long list of cost savings and efficiencies. The manufacturing industry, along with other sectors of the economy, is able to innovate thanks to technology and specialised outsourcing.

With the vocation of providing competitive and high quality solutions to companies and institutions We carry out its activity in GECI’s own facilities, or in the operational headquarters of our clients, using different formulas according to the needs of each case:

  • Labor enclave
  • Subcontracting
  • Outsourcing
  • Service contract

Technology revolution

Technological advancements have brought radical changes in the industry’s profit making and operations. Faster access to information and easier, more efficient ways to use data and analytics provide the industry with the boost to explore new possibilities in more territories.

Within the manufacturing industry’s inner circle, the advancements that are happening in the industry right now are called the fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0, referring to the closer working relationship of man and machine. This means that humans and machines share the responsibilities within a factory, not separately but in harmony.

Third-party logistics

Third-party logistics providers specialize in integrated operations of warehousing and transportation services that can be scaled and customized to customers’ needs, based on market conditions, to meet the demands and delivery service requirements for their products. Services often extend beyond logistics to include value-added services related to the production or procurement of goods, such as services that integrate parts of the supply chain. A provider of integrated services is referenced as a third-party supply chain management provider improving particular functions within supply management, such as warehousing, transportation, or raw material provision.


Outsourcing the supply chain processes, and material administration could be the key of success for start up and permanent operators. GECI has successfully developed the expertise and has in place the resources and flexibility to provide to our customers, in a timely manner a complete and modular technical and logistics support service program, covering from aft to stern for all support disciplines required by a tanker fleet for a safe and cost effective operation. We can offer the following support packages fully tailored to the specific needs of every individual customer:


Total support and modular maintenance and engineering support recommendations


On-site stock leasing, lease-purchase of a selected Minimum Equipment Stock of parts


Forward exchange service and access to shared pools of spares


Power by Hour Repair Service for a selected packages

Consignment stocks for consumable and expendable, and complete supply chain processes management. Repair cycle management and warranty administration.

Engineering Process

According to Vollmann (1996) todays industrial revolution is characterised by a massive explosion of information and a technological quantum leap, with consequent increases in the power and flexibility of manufacturing technology, processes, and organisation. It can be seen that the level of competition is increasingly shifting for the effective management of operations to the efficient and effective management of change. Enterprises have to continuously change and develop their performance in order to survive. Consequently, in addition to being efficient and effective in the current processes, companies have to continuously develop their capabilities for change management. At GECI we develop tailor-made solutions to respond to your service’s needs, optimizing cost and flexibility to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of our clients.


At GECI we are specialist on calibration and repair of testing and measuring equipment where we assure that your equipment functions as per the necessary standards.
All our laboratories are certified by ISO 9001 and 17025, including our mobile lab that provides calibration onsite solutions to increase our client requirements commodity.
Using start of the art technology, our capabilities include:
– Calibration
– Certification
– Repairs
– Technical Assistance

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Support & Services

As with all of GECI’s projects, our engineers are trained to ensure perfection multi-folds, obsessing over perfection mirrored. In depth experience, together with GECI constant on the job improvement standards; our expertise within our divisions extends well from design to build and training. In Maritime, we not only manufacture but also embrace expertise such as system integrations, installation, construction, technical support, consulting and maintenance.





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