Supply Chain Management

From the beginnings almost 40 years ago, GECI INDUSTRY has specialized in providing an integrated service for the industry that allows manufacturers to focus on their core business, trusting us with the responsibility of ensuring supply on time.

  • Purchase planning according to program/plant/point of use
  • Supplier reduction
  • Logistics
  • Scheduled deliveries
  • Security stock
  • Vending

3PL AND 4PL Services

We have the experience and resources necessary to establish a long-term relationship with our clients, optimizing the supply chain, both logistics and storage, with customized services  adapted to specific circumstances of each manufacturer

  • Delegated Quality and Technical reception
  • Distribution
  • Intermediate storage
  • Direct delivery to production line.
  • KPI´s

Temperature Controlled Storage

Our facilities are equipped with the strictest security and automation controls, in order to guarantee the traceability of our deliveries to the factory.

  • Stock management
  • Analysis & Planning
  • Consignment
  • Stock display

Quality Management Services

We participate in your daily life acting as a service provider within your Company, participating in the management of the material until the moment of using it.

  • Preparation of technical reception guidelines
  • Mixing services
  • Distribution in production line / at point of use
  • Test management
  • Reports
  • Certified staff

Cost Reductions & Alternatives

Reducing cost by improving logistics, planning purchases efficiently and participating in the development of safe and more durable products is one of our goals.

  • Continuous process improvement
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Constant search for alternatives
  • Technical support

JIT Services

The right material at the required time.  Our previous experience as  Single Source Supplier of Non-Productive Material in the automotive sector, has helped us to create a working system that allows us to adapt the just-in-time system to almost any type of serial manufacturing , even with short series.

  • Distribution in plant as needed
  • Points of use
  • Planning
  • Security stock

Documental Management

Health,  Safety and REACH compliance is as important as storing the materials complying with the requirements set by the manufacturers.

  • Environmental management
  • Advice product changes
  • Application of regulations
  • Quality

Online Shop

In our sales website you can find a wide range of products covering practically 100% of the consumables used by large manufacturers in their production, including spare parts, maintenance products, chemicals, lubricants, production tools, paints and more.

What we offer

  • Easy, useful information and effective
  • Real stock display
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