It is a real privilege and joy to have the opportunity to every year lead the Group on behalf of the family and shareholding partners.

GECI Group has developed and implemented various reforms over the past decade. We have overhauled our corporate structure, transitioned to a domain-based system, and decentralised our vertical core businesses for self-sustainability and strengthened our business foundation.

This newly-fortified foundation allows us to quickly and effectively align our strategic positioning through specialisation. Moving forwards, we plan to further develop our optimal business size, global presence, and in-house capabilities.

The success of our Group is the human resources “The Team”, praiseworthy of the dedication, daily growth, and accomplishments with my continuous admiration.

Our Group’s mission is to contribute to the advancement of society. To this end, we will continue to be a corporate group capable of accurately identifying customer and market needs and providing world-class, superior quality, and forward-looking solutions.

Our vision is based on our former CEO, founder and admired father, embracing long-term thinking and sustainability, not only profit. The importance of traditional values, an open mind and the belief that obstacles are only in our heads.

Daniel Jimenez Randell

Chairman and Group CEO