We provide the technology and solutions that makes the world more efficient, safer and sustainable, and reduce operational costs. We partner with clients to evaluate their existing operations, identify bottlenecks and jointly solve these challenges through integrated solutions that address operations.

To reach the highest standards GECI Group sets for itself in innovation and quality, we rely on the valuable contribution of our outstanding team. We work to increase safety and efficiency around the world, and to reach our objectives we need a broad spectrum of exceptional people from every corner of the globe.

If you are interested in our world, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Even if we don’t have an opening matching your special skills at the moment, we would love to hear from people with a passion.

Interested in working with us?

Working with us

We believe that teamwork is a key factor in our growth, so we encourage collaboration in everything we do and constantly look for new ways for employees to interact.

To foster innovation and individual achievement, we expect our employees to be as creative and flexible as possible in the way they organise their work. Every year, GECI awards an employee of the year.


Our hiring locations are in:
















See below the divisions which are hiring. Even if we don’t have an opening matching your special skills at the moment, we would still love to hear from people with a passion



We help to drive the future of aircraft operators and MRO´s by providing a full range of services support. Our aircraft maintenance support and chemical outsourcing services allows our clients in meeting their core business challenges of higher demand, efficiency and integrated solutions.



We support airports in meeting the challenges of traffic growth, safety, efficiency, and environmental performance while enhancing security and making air travel more pleasant. Our solutions allow airports to get the most out of their infrastructure, simplify the growing complexity and make them more attractive and more efficient. We also provide a full range of next generations systems and equipment, systems, and services.


Air navigation

We help to drive the future of Air Navigation Services Providers by providing a full range of equipment, systems and services on the ground. We support air traffic controllers in meeting the challenges of traffic growth, safety, efficiency and environmental performance while enhancing security.



OEM´s, Tier 1 and Tier 2 rely on GECI to achieve low capital commitment, flexibility and focus on the core business. Our dedicated integrated warehousing and supply operations allows automotive, metal, aeronautical, maritime and energy manufactures meet the demands and stringent delivery service requirements for their products.


Security, Telecom & Services

Our technologies, maintenance and repair services help civil and military clients to get the most out of their infrastructure. Telecom operators, transport companies, governments and defence customers rely on us to design, develop, deploy systems and provide highly added value services.


Business process

Business and governments rely on GECI to achieve their management transformation. From finance, marketing or Information and communications technology (ICT) our expertise and solutions help our clients become smarter and much more.

Our values

Customer Trust

To succeed, we must work as partners with our customers, listening to them, anticipating their needs and finding solutions together. By delivering on our promises and providing state-of-the-art solutions and top-quality service, we ensure the long-term satisfaction of our customers.

One Team, One Geci

We share responsibilities in a culture of loyalty, partnership and transparency. We encourage solidarity and cooperation at every level of the organisation. We are all on the same team and united in our actions.

Developing Our People

Supporting the professional development of each employee is fundamental. We respect diversity and promote knowledge-sharing. We encourage dialogue. And we promote collective achievements as well as individual talents.

Accountable and committed to excellence

We strive to achieve excellence by acting with integrity, loyalty, accountability and professionalism in everything we do.

Agile and innovative

We aim to continually improve quality and work more efficiently. This means being ready to take risks, always demonstrating leadership, deciding quickly and acting on our decisions immediately. We strive to build on new ideas to achieve a competitive advantage.

Job opportunities

We look forwards receiving your information and CV. See which job opportunity is of interest to you.

The responsibility includes leading bid & project activities throughout the bid and project lifecycle in an increasingly international and multicultural setting to ensure the success of profitable growth in GECI.

Systems Engineers are involved in all stages of the project lifecycle from initial capture of the customer, proposition of a system design, through building the system, verifying and validating it and delivering it to the customer.

GECI focuses Group resources on the critical competences, specialties, architecture and software techniques, as well as sub-contract management.

Managing purchases, capturing market innovation, optimising relations with suppliers and managing risks, is a strategy for the Group.

The Finance function within the Group is a key figure in the corporate services decision making and operational support.

At the centre of the relations between the group and its employees, the Human Resources function anticipates and innovates to support business development, organisational and environmental transformations.

It creates relationships with clients, identifies their needs and negotiates not only domestic but international sales thanks to a strong international network.

How to apply

Interested working with us and ready to apply? Before filling in the form check out our job opportunities and divisions on our career section on website. We look forwards receiving the form information and your CV. Your next decisive career step starts here!!

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