Who we are

Geci Airports designs, manufacture and sells airport and ATC solutions to airports around the world. Over 95% of the world’s airports are operated without high performance ATC systems or satisfactory safety and security equipment.

Our team of engineers, developers and specialists in the airports and ATC operations area will provide your airport with customized system package consisting of the modules required.

The ability to scale and customize each module to each and every operation allows us to provide solutions that fit every airport. Our one-stop-shop approach guarantees our clients competitive pricing while offering rapid and efficient deployment and support with minimum response time.

Our competent skills offer solutions as a prime contractor, airport construction and design-build projects. We have experience on building Control Towers, technical block, communication and auxiliary structures. Turnkey projects capabilities including civil, electrical and mechanical works including project management, logistics and installations.

With offices in over 20 countries around the world and close cooperation with Air Navigation Service Providers, Operators and end users, we have gathered experience and knowledge that benefits to all our customers.

We look forward to having you as one of our happy customers!

Our solutions

Geci Airports develops and supplies integrated tower and airport solutions, control, display and monitoring for any airport and airport tower. Latest technology optimizes the use of hardware and is cost-effective while providing significant improvements in operational safety and controller working environment.

The systems consist of various modules that interact and provide an overview of the airport operation, all in one place.  The system can be installed partially, interacting with some or all external systems or as a total ground operations solution for any airport in the world.

Our Products

Airport Tracking System
Air Side Driving Simulator
Ground Traffic Analysis Suite
Terminal Information System
Arrival/Departure displays
Passenger Walkways
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Modular Terminal Buildings
ADS-B Solutions

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