Who we are

GECI Navigation Systems S.A. is GECI Group`s Air Navigation & Meteorology division (GECI AirNav & Met). We are an innovative industrial team that not only manufactures but also embrace expertise such as systems integration, installation, construction, technical support, consulting, and maintenance.

  • CNS-ATM Systems Integration
  • Meteorological Systems Integration
  • ATC Civil Works Infraestructure
  • CNS-ATM & Meteorological Product Manufacturer


Your needs, Our solutions, Whatever it takes.

Why Geci Air Nav & Met?

  • Stability: Family based company and low staff turnover. Our working teams are stable and can work also on extensive long-term projects.
  • Client Orientated: Focused on results, aiming to inspire people instead of selling a product and trusting our intuition to devise the innovations of tomorrow. We listed to our customers.
  • Flexibility: We appreciate that every customer is unique. We value the needs of our customers as if they were our very own.
  • Functional Systems: We are designers, integrators, and manufacturers, guaranteeing the optimal operational solutions and interoperability.
  • Technology Pull: Our technology and solutions are based on more than 35 years of field experience user needs.
  • Excellence: We are multi-fold skilled team, obsessed over perfection with an all-in-one approach and long-term partnership.
  • Knowledge: All our team has onsite work experience to understand what our customers expect from us. Our knowledge is from first-hand practical, onsite work or engineering tasks.
  • Reach: We are compelled to be present wherever necessary. We have always looked to improve the service provided to our clients by becoming a strategic local company.

Air Navigation

At GECI AirNav we believe in a world where aviation is safe, secure, efficient, comfortable, predictable and affordable for all.

We provide highly reliable, critical components for CNS-ATM systems worldwide for military and ANSP´s operations.

With our client orientated, system integration background and diverse portfolio, we anticipate the industry’s needs and develop effective solutions suitable to any environment. Our solutions include not only large-scale but also customised to small systems.

GECI delivers efficient and innovative products and services, for better decisions and better results.


We are a reliable partner for customers around the world, offering a comprehensive range of innovative observation and measurement products and services. We provide reliable, accurate and innovative weather and environmental measurements products and solutions that enabling better decision-making, increased productivity, and improved safety and quality.

Customers all over the world use our solutions from forecasting weather to making sure it is safe for your flight to take off.

As a systems integrator, we add functions and services to existing state-of-the-art technology products, then execute as an integrated product or complete the «turnkey» solution to suit customer requirements, when their requirement goes beyond standard industry products and is combined with a software application, sensor output, specific service requirements and operational needs.


We have experience on building Control Towers, technical block, communication, and auxiliary structures.

Control Towers have been designed, built, and equipped by GECI in over 30 airports worldwide. Our capabilities are complete from studies of existing facilities, line of sight and siting analyses for new facilities through design and construction supervision.
Continual involvement with ICAO and the FAA regarding security, siting, design, and electronics equipment support allow for a smooth tower commissioning. Working relationships with specialty contractors provide up to date knowledge of costs and material issues.

GECI has been successful in providing high-quality, low-cost designs for Level I airport traffic control tower projects throughout the world. GECI´s design criteria are derived from guidelines for airport traffic control towers. GECI applies the essential requirements for safety, security, function, and ergonomic design, then implements them in a set of detailed construction documents, resulting in the look and feel of an ICAO/FAA facility. GECI’s civil engineers and multi-disciplined staff support their design with bidding and construction phase services, including project administration, shop drawings review, periodic site visits or full-time observation, and as-built record drawings.

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Today, GECI AirNav & Met continues to expand product offerings through internal research and development as well as licensing and strategic relationships and can now offer a full range of air navigation and meteorological equipment for civil and military applications.


GECI’s capabilities in systems engineering, systems integration, program management, logistics support and field engineering can support civil and military projects around the world. GECI offers flexible support options including comprehensive logistics support programs to meet our customers’ most demanding requirements. Turnkey projects capabilities including civil, electrical and mechanical works including project management, logistics and installations.


Meet the team

The GECI AirNav & Met Team are involved every day in the management of your projects, combine their talent and their know-how to guarantee you an optimal result. The team is trained to ensure multi-fold skills, obsessing over perfection