The aerospace and aviation industry continue to grow at a rapid pace. This enables economic growth and opportunities, but it also brings challenges to the industry. Providing superior performance is the vision behind GECI Group. Our corporation beginnings commenced in the aerospace industry assisting clients worldwide. We know that our clients need to create intelligent, highly-integrated operations that continuously raise performance.

From latest generation cabins to intelligent communications between aircrafts and ATC control tower, the air traffic control centres, the Aerospace operations in general is transforming the air transport sector as known today. GECI is a worldwide leader in airport efficiency, aircraft maintenance, aircraft manufacturing support and air navigation necessary to keep developing this sector.

Air Navigation

Raising safety and throughput with smarter CNS-ATM systems

GECI is a Global aeronautical engineering and systems services provider, who offers tools for air traffic control for all types or Air Navigation Service Providers: from Tower, Terminal and En route for civil and military applications.

GECI endlessly works for its clients to develop different air Navigation equipment which can be continually updated to keep up with the latest technologies and international standards.  We have an extensive capacity in the complete scope of CNS-ATM.

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Keeping the terminal and airfield safely operational

The aviation industry is changing. Airports around the world are challenged to handle the increase while staying profitable and maintaining safety. At GECI we help airports do more with what they already have.

At GECI we have an extensive experience in engineering and construction of airports all around the world. As aviation specialists, we have a complete & thorough knowledge of project documentation like ICAO, FAA and IATA standard requirements for the design and construction of airport projects.

We take special care for aviation safety, sustainability and take into account all possible factors during all the phases of designing process to ensure best practices on  a complete project.

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Delivering industry-leading aviation integrated personalised services

We support commercial airlines, regional airlines, repair facilities, leasing companies and defense agencies. Our experience spans working with Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Embraer, Pratt & Whitney, General Electric, CFM International, International Aero Engines and Rolls Royce components and equipment.

At GECI we specialize in parts provisioning, component exchanges, inventory management and engine leasing. We also handle aircraft and engine end-of-life solutions, inventory consignments and technical services.  Whatever your requirement, GECI has the right parts and a solution that can be tailored to your unique operations and requirements.

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Outsourcing the supply chain processes, and material administration could be the key of success for manufacturing, MROs and operators. GECI has successfully developed the expertise and has in place the resources and flexibility to provide to our customers, in a timely manner a complete and modular technical and logistics support service program, covering from aft to stern for all support disciplines required by a tanker fleet for a safe and cost effective operation. We can offer the following support packages fully tailored to the specific needs of every individual customer:

Total support

and modular maintenance and engineering support recommendations.

On-site stock

leasing, lease-purchase of a selected Minimum Equipment Stock of parts.

Forward exchange

service and access to shared pools of spares.

Power by hour

Repair Service for a selected packages.

Consignment stocks for consumable and expendable, and complete supply chain processes management. Repair cycle management and warranty administration.

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At GECI we are specialist on calibration and repair of testing and measuring equipment where we assure that your equipment functions as per the necessary standards.

All our laboratories are certified by ISO 9001 and 17025, including our mobile lab that provides calibration onsite solutions to increase our client requirements commodity.

Using start of the art technology, our capabilities include:

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Technical Assistance

Support & Services

As with all of GECI’s projects, our engineers are trained to ensure perfection multi-folds, obsessing over perfection mirrored. In depth experience, together with GECI constant on the job improvement standards; our expertise extends well from design to build and training. In Aerospace and Aviation, we not only manufacture but also embrace expertise such as system integrations, installation, construction, technical support, consulting and maintenance.

Training & Simulation

From training equipment to complex turnkey training services, we provide first-class assistance in the development of operational environments.

System Integration

We design and integrate a complete range of systems from new installation to upgrades and modernisation technical complexities.

Project Management

Our competent skills offer solutions as a prime contractor, construction, turnkey installations, and design-build projects.


Solutions to manage risk and maximize performance based on our expertise built on decades of technical leadership and practical, real-world experience deploying solutions in complex environments.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance is critical. Our fully integrated services and support function reaps the benefit of our extensive experience and knowledge of both new and legacy systems.