GECI Group is a global think-tank, technology and engineering solutions provider focused mainly on the transportation, energy and infrastructure in civil and military services.

Our company is Spanish based since 1983 where we have evolved over the years into a significant expansion widening our field of service and presence in the entire world.

Reaching 40 years of experience we have been working as a key contractor for several long-term strategic partners.

GECI’s engineering expertise scopes projects in civil works, telecommunications, transport, electric and electronics sectors.

The corporation also entails a strong logistics activity with scheduled deliveries and limited life material supply.

Team, deliverance & creativity

GECI fosters a culture of quality in which every employee is committed to exceeding our customer’s expectations by continually improving our processes, products, and services.

As with all of GECI’s projects, our engineers are trained to ensure multi-fold skills, obsessing over perfection. In depth experience lives together with GECI constant on the job improvement standards; our expertise extends well from design up to build and training the aeronautical, telecommunications, transport, energy and civil engineering sector.

Our team is a highly flexible nucleus of specialists mobilized to participate in projects around the world and therefore being the nuclei of the operation of the company.

GECI is an organization that is very customer focused and on the personalised developments solution. Based on our experience in engineering, technology, business process and logistics, we achieve customized solutions, always betting on innovation and creativity, setting people at the centre of everything.

We value the needs of our clients as if they were our very own



Founded by Manuel Jimenez Serrano, the social capital of GECI Group is controlled by himself and his three offspring’s Maria Isabel Jimenez Randell, David Emmanuel Jimenez Randell and Daniel Martin Eden Jimenez Randell.


Committed to People. Committed to the Future.