Our Services

As with all of GECI’s projects, our engineers are trained to ensure perfection multi-folds, obsessing over perfection mirrored. In depth experience, together with GECI constant on the job improvement standards; our expertise within our divisions extends well from design to build and training. At our CNS/ATM division we not only manufacture but also embrace expertise such as system integrations, installation, construction, technical support, consulting and maintenance.


System Integration


We design and integrate a complete range of communication, navigation, surveillance and air traffic management from new installation to upgrades and modernisation technical complexities.


Project Management, Installation And Construction Services


Our competent skills offer solutions as a prime contractor, airport construction and design-build projects. We have experience on building Control Towers, technical block, communication and auxiliary structures. Turnkey projects capabilities including civil, electrical and mechanical works including project management, logistics and installations.

Consulting, Design & Technical Assistance


At GECI we offer solutions to manage risk and maximize performance based on our expertise built on decades of technical leadership and practical, real-world experience deploying solutions in complex environments. Our services embrace: Technical Assistance, Coverage Analysis, Performance Studies, Equipment Configuration, Preliminary/Detailed Design, Installation drawing, Site survey visits and Operation/Maintenance Training.

Maintenance Services


Maintenance is critical. Our fully integrated services and support function reaps the benefit of our extensive experience and knowledge of both new and legacy CNS/ATM systems and the they interface with each of the airports systems. GECI´s offering includes drafting relevant maintenance recommendations, Equipment auditing, Yearly maintenance contract, Modernisation and upgrade services, Provision of spare parts, Electrical and Electronics repairs and After sales service.